About Us

Our passion is your business

We love helping small and mid sized businesses grow and scale.

Who Are We

Business professionals that know what it is like to run a business. So we know how hard it can be to grow. 

Our Mission

Make lasting changes to the bottom line via analysis, strategy and execution. 

What We Do

Create a custom plan to tackle the needs of your business and get more sales through the door.

Our History

Rob started his journey as an IT professional. Working for some of the biggest companies in the U.S. (Sun Microsystems, Comcast, AT&T, Pacific Life, Quest Software). He always had a drive to start his own businesses so he started learning and launched podcasts, websites, and online stores and products on the internet. 

Working with his wife Eleanor they grew those businesses and still work in this space. Rob realized he could take what he knew from IT and learned from digital marketing and merge them to into the new field called MarTech (marketing technology). This pivot made him a highly sought after technical SEO working for large companies and brands. 

Realizing that smaller businesses couldn’t afford to pay for his services or have access to the tools he used, he created Niche Digital Marketing. For years he worked with small businesses to help them grow in their online presence. 

Eleanor continued to grow in her knowledge of B2B sales and benefits and they decided to merge the two efforts into Texas Business Solutions in 2019. Now offering a full solution for businesses so they can holistically answer the needs of a business. 

Our 6-D Process


We discover the needs of the business by talking to leaders of the company to clearly understand the pain points that need to be solved. 


We define the project goals and get to work on created a custom solution that will deliver the needed results. 


We design a strategy after looking at the competition, and analysing the data. We present you with the best solution for your business. 


After the strategy, package and rollout plan is agreed to we get to work on the initial setup, configuration, and implementation of the project. 


We present you with the final product after is has gone through our quality assurance process. Once approved we work on a migration, or execution plan to get the project delivered to your production environment (marketing) or staff (benefits).


We continue to monitor for uptime and results. Testing is also a part of what we do to ensure that we are delivering the best possible results. 

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to provide results. We want your business to grow so you can succeed. We do all we can to make that happen. 

We have a small team that is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and support possible. 

Moving the needle is our primary goal. So we tune projects that will deliver the results you need. 

No strategy is good unless it can give good ROI. We continue to monitor and tweak campaigns & plans to ensure we meet the end goals. 

With over 15 years of IT experience and 7 years in marketing we have seen it all. We can deliver the solutions you need to scale.